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How it works

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Product Benefits

  • Reliable indication using ultrasound
  • Easy handling
  • For all steel and aluminium LP gas cylinders with a diameter of 7.9 to 13.8 in / 200 to 350 mm
  • With integrated LED torch
  • Not for plastic cylinders, butane cylinders, gas tanks or refillable gas tanks.
    Measurements can be taken in the temperature range between -15 and + 40 °C.

Application fields

  • Camping
  • Barbecue
  • Hobby
  • Outdoor heating
  • and much more.


In order to obtain reliable measurement, clean the measuring head regularly with a damp cloth (without a detergent).

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Never run out of propane again

Truma LevelCheck shows how much gas is left in the cylinder

It's always very annoying if the gas runs out during the night or when you have invited friends round for a BBQ. Truma has the right solution! The Truma LevelCheck. The device shows how much gas is left in the LPG cylinder and is child's play to use. The device is held horizontally against the gas cylinder. "It uses ultrasound to detect whether there is any liquid gas in the cylinder at the point where the measurement is being taken", explains Ibolya Walter, Country Manager at Truma. The status LED turns green if there is gas at the measuring point and red if there is no gas. “This lets you find out how full the gas cylinder is quickly and easily. The ultrasonic measurement makes it very precise and reliable”, says Walter. The LED flashes orange whilst the device is determining the filling level; a beep indicates the beginning and end of the measurement. The Truma LevelCheck is suitable for all propane, butane, steel or aluminium LPG gas cylinders with a diameter of 7.9 to 13.8 in (200 to 350 mm). This makes it a great help when camping or grilling over gas. The practical LED torch that is integrated in the device offers extra added value. The LevelCheck has already won several awards in the caravanning sector as test winner and "best accessory". The device is authorized for use in Australia.